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"Beauty Station" 

In todays world when we spend so much time being stressed, worries, hastly, time is passing by. And in all this chaos we forget how important it is to stop enjoy the moment and relax to boost your energy to work.

So we offer you to take a station. A beauty station in our beauty salon "Beauty Station".

New trendy salon equipped with newest technologies and materials, with professional masters, most wanted procedures, cozy atmosphere and having opportunity to spend time pleasantly with benefits.


STARVAC vacuum therapy!

Starvac pretcelulīta vakuuma masāža

The most popular procedures

Enjoy the wonderful procedure that provides a strong lifting effect!

Feel young without injections! Also, this procedure is a great opportunity to get rid of stress and relax!

The result is guaranteed from the first procedure!

Steps of the procedure:

Apparatus face massage LPG (15 min.) - improves blood circulation and complexion.

Face massage IQ (40 min.) - manual facial massage - eliminates facial muscle tone and increases skin elasticity + a lot of attention is focused on the décolleté and collar area

Face mask with hyaluronic acid (10 min.) - the final step for deep skin hydration.

PRICE: from 60.00 EUR

A magical facial treatment ''Spa antistress 3 in 1''

The most modern complex procedure for cleaning and rejuvenating the skin. Hydro-peeling for deep cleansing, comedone extraction (removal), antioxidant and anti-aging therapy are performed during one procedure. as well as hydration.

Steps of the procedure:

Hydropeeling. Hydropeeling is performed using a special nozzle, inside which a vacuum was formed and special serums are delivered (Peel + based on lactic acid, Sebo + based on salicylic acid and zinc). Double effect: cleansing and nourishing.

Renewal REJUVE + The special vacuum nozzle with REJUVE + healing serum, based on hyaluronic acid and hydrolyzed collagen, stimulates the synthesis of collagen and elastin and intensively moisturizes the skin.

Electroporation with mesoampule Under the influence of pulsating currents, channels (electroporins) open in the epidermis, through which the active components of the preparations enter deep into the skin, up to the subcutaneous fat layer.

Microcurrent therapy. Microcurrents effectively restore facial muscles weakened by aging, stimulate the synthesis of new collagen and elastin fibers, and promote lymph flow. As a result of the stimulation, the oval of the face is improved, the quality of the skin is reduced and the edema is reduced.

Hydropeeling facial treatment "AQUAPURE"

PRICE: from 80.00 EUR 

Hialurox laser biorevitalization - an apparatus procedure intended for:

* for deep moisturizing of the skin;

*for delaying the aging of the skin of the face, neck and décolletage;

*to combat age-related changes (skin dryness, wrinkles, loss of skin elasticity).

PRICE: from 60.00 EUR 

Laser biorevitalization "HIALUROX"

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